Everything you need to take care all of your skin concerns can be found in this Josephine’s Roses Facial Cream Set. Featuring

Antiaging Face Serum, Face Wash for Sensitive Skin, Collagen Mask with Vitamin C, Rosewater Spray makes your AM and PM routines work synergistically to provide the healthiest skin possible, and optimal anti-aging results. Our products gently prevent, protect and correct skin. The result is a smooth, nourished complexion, glowing with natural health.

Anti Aging Face Serum has formulated with the purest rose oil which is stream distilled from Turkish Rosa damascena flowers to create an instant glow on your skin. This special face serum features a synergistic blend of antioxidant-rich ingredients to support appearance of skin radiance and firmness. This is a power serum for face that strengthens & repairs skin barrier, hydrates & plumps skin, makes skin more resistant to signs of aging by factors (UV, pollution, stress) and that helps correct the visible signs of skin aging such as wrinkles, loss of firmness and dull complexion.

Face Wash Gel is a rich gel that effectively cleanses all impurities, makeup and pollution from the skin while counteracting the skin-damaging effects of hard water. This rose based facial cleanser leaves skin feeling soft and fresh, reducing the sensation of tightness. It’s especially beneficial for sensitive skin or eczama, rosacea because it’s free from ingredients that can be irritating to the skin, such as soaps and alcohol to protect moisturized skin barrier.

Rose Water is %100 pure steam- distillled Turkish Rose Water made from valueable Rosa Damascena flowers with no separating the valuable rose oil during the distillation process. Rose Water is a multifunctional hydrosol treatment with soothing, hydrating and revitalizing properties.This pure rosewater spray is a perfect moisturizer, soothing face toner, restorer skin’s ph balance, pore reducer, make-up remover and has anti-inflammatory, antibacterial and antiseptic power to calm and hydrate skin.

Collagen Mask with Vitamin C, help boost your skin’s collagen density and slow down collagen degeneration. Vitamin C is a reliable and naturally occurring antioxidant important for the skin's health. It is an antioxidant known to help brighten skin and reduce the appearance of skin aging.This unique face mask contains a variety of natural ingredients that help hydrate, brighten, and soothe the skin so that you maintain skin functions at optimal levels.

Set Details

100% Pure & Undiluted Rose oil obtained through steam-distillation of rosa damascena petals

Does not contain prohibited substances harmful to skin and health

Formulated in accordance with the skin's natural lipid balance

Made of Natural oils and hydrosols