We protect nature with our naturalness. We believe in a a greener planet and more committed cosmetics.

A major theme of our company is, growing and taking care of Lavender, Thyme, Rosemary, Juniper and many Medicinal Aromatic Plants with advanced techniques for the cosmetics sector for 15 years. During our researches on Ottoman medicine, we got acquainted with the healing properties of the rose.

We always dreamed of creating a unique moment of wellbeing, hidden amongst the heart of the brand. We opened our first boutique in France, the global leading cosmetic country, with a concept that reflects our roots and can demonstrate the quality of our products. With the strength we derive from this success, we founded the largest and most technological factory of the Lakes Region in the field of natural personal care products.

Rose is the secret of beauty and healthy life known in history thanks to the unique mineral and natural antibiotics in it. Rose damescena (oil rose) is a forest grown valuable plant used in medicine and cosmetics. The healing properties of rose in ancient medicine and its potential as a medicine in scientific research have inspired us.

For this reason, we dreamed of creating a natural and effective brand in which people will find health and beauty with roses. With over 15 years old combined farming expertise, we created unique experiences to share our love of roses. From unique educational workshops to inspirational retreats. Then we were dedicated to continue this success with our own brand.

We have taken great care to the finest detail in order to create a brand that is unique and completely different from the others so that you can benefit and enjoy from the Rosa Damescena roses in peace.

We were looking for a feminine name connected to the rose's historical and mythological roots. The name Josephine’s Roses was inspired by this sense.

Josephine's Roses products are produced from the home land of organic Isparta roses. The leaves of Isparta roses grown in accordance with organic agriculture of our products were distilled by traditional method and the essential rose oil contained in it was bottled without separation. All products contain hundreds of medicinal active ingredients.

Being a global brand is not a direct goal, it is a deserved result. It gains its own meaning as much as the high added value it can create. For this reason, our mission is achieving to make these unique roses grown in our own geography well known and appreciated all over the world.

We are in cooperation with Biggbrands Global Team in all strategic decisions, from the collection of significant Isparta roses to its worldwide journey on online sales channels in global markets under the name of Josephine's Roses brand.

Our mission brings us together to introduce our magnificent products to customers who caring their health and beauty.